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Proudly promoting awareness for Anthony Nolan's stem cell register. Watch Toby's story here.

The end of Duologue’s 2012 US tour is a blur for the band’s co-founder, Toby Leeming. After the final gig of the tour he walked into A&E with flu-like symptoms. Doctors found he had almost no blood and was riddled with infections. The cause remained a mystery.

Five months later, doctors in the UK diagnosed him with a rare blood cancer. He needed a donor bone-marrow transplant and full-body irradiation.

After four years of treatment and recovery, Toby has formed a new band, Future Present, with former bandmate Toby Lee. The first EP ‘A Near Run Thing’ is released on November 30th as part of a campaign with the Anthony Nolan Trust to encourage people to sign up on the bone marrow donor register. The album ‘Radio Therapy’, completed in Toby's studio in Suffolk, will follow in the New Year.

Photos by Lucy Toms

Clash Magazine - Track of the day Premiere

Debut single, “A Near run Thing’ by Future Present, is being featured as Clash’s track of the day. It is now out on Spotify and all the other streaming services so do go and find in, along with two further tracks, ‘The Here & Now’ and Flame’.

Debut single 'A Near Run Thing' Released

We have released our first single along with a video Toby has done with the Anthony Nolan Trust to help promote Bone Marrow Donation and bring the message to a wider audience. Having been the recipient of a Bone Marrow donation, Toby is living proof of the life saving treatment the donation’s make possible, and also the large amount of misunderstanding about what is in entailed in the process of donation. Watch Toby’s video with Anthony Nolan online here and if you are between 18-30 you can sign up to be a donor and you may well be able to save someone’s life.

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